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We buy everything geek related at the store for store credit- from used board games to manga and magic cards! It’s part of our loyalty program! For more information- click here.

Got Old Stuff? We’d love to buy it!
That’s right! Weekend Anime buys and sells used stuff! Which means this is your chance to make room for the new and clear out the old. Old toys, magic cards, collection card games, cds, dvds, figures, board games, dice, manga- we’ll take most anything! In return, you’ll have two options: cash or store credit.

Store credit may be spent at any time on anything within the store.

Here’s the official rundown on what happens:

  • When you bring in your item(s) it will be compared and priced. We will offer you a price for store credit and for cash based on the current popularity and selling value of your item- it’s at this point you can say yes or no.
  • If you say no, we’re done! You’ll take your item(s) back and can do with them what you want. We will never take anything without your official OK.
  • If you agree to our terms, we’ll take your item and write you a credit slip or give you your cash.
  • If you take store credit: HOLD ON TO YOUR SLIP! Once you lose your slip, you lose your credit! We do not keep track of individual’s store credit! It’s all up to you.
  • After, your item will be put on sale, either in store or through ebay.

All trades are final! There’s no way we can get your item back for you once it is traded simply because it might be sold by the time you decide you want it back! So please, make sure you want to sell it before selling it to us.

All in all- a pretty good deal when you’re looking to buy something new and want to get rid of something old.

You can trade in as much as you want, but we reserve the right to accept or deny certain items.

Here’s a list of our current “most wanted for store credit” items!

Coming Soon…