Special Orders

We do special orders! Looking for something in particular? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get it in!

Current Orders:

Name Date Requested Item(s) Notes
Randy B 3/4/16 Used D&D products: Second edition books, player guides, metal minis Contact when things come in and he’ll let us know what he wants.
Jon L 9/9/16 Early Dungeons and Dragons materials. Basic, expert, champion and masters D&D.
Shawn W 10/16/16 Call of the Wild (Mansions of Madness Expansion) Out of print, will keep an eye out for it! backordered last checked 6/7 Appears to be discontinued.
Dwayne 11/7/16 Magic Booster Boxes & Prerelease Box (1 per set released)
Jess 2/22/17 Iggy Plush
Dean F 6/9/17 Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2+
Scott T 7/5/17 Druid Spellcaster Cards
Ben L 7/11/17 Master Grade TR-1 Hazel Custom Will get when orderable.
Ethan H 9/16/17 Death Note – Light Yagami Phone Case
Saede J 10/3/17 Pokemon Moncolle Mudsdale and Steenee
Megan A 11/6/17 Female Corrin Nendroid and Figma, Lucina Figma.
James J 11/21/17 Tanto Cuore Base Game
Store 11/30/17 Quest for the Antidote x3, Dungeon Draftx2
Martha F 11/30/17 Utter Nonsense
Ryan G 11/30/17 Out of the Abyss Board Game
Liz K 12/5/17 A Feast for Odin
Gibby S 12/5/17 Deck Box
Anthony P 12/13/17 Fallout Board Game
Jeff L 12/13/17 HGBF Hyper Gyanko
Jay H 12/13/17 Netrunner- Terminal Directive – Legacy Expansion Sovereign Sight One Pack of everything from the Red Sands Cycle: Daedalus Complex, Station One, Earth\’s Scion, Blood and Water, Free Mars, Crimson Dust.
Ethan H 12/13/17 Death Note Wall Scroll GE9866

We also do manga subscriptions. We will order the latest volumes of series and hold them for you when they come in.We also do manga subscriptions. We will order the latest volumes of series and hold them for you when they come in.

Current Subscriptions:

Name Manga Title(s)
Bill D Attack on Titan 22+. Attack on Titan No regrets 3+. Junior 4+ AoT Before the Fall 11+ No Regrets 3+. AoT Lost Girls 3+. AoT Harsh Mistress 3+.  Battle Angel Alita Omni 6+. Dance in the Vampire BUND ii vol 5+. Memories 4+. Dragonar Academy 13+. High School of Dead 8+. High school dxd 9+. Hayate Combat 28+. Kamisama Kiss 25+. Monster Musume  12+. Ooku 12+. Qwaser of Stigmata 2+.  Side Stories 2+. Manga 13+. Sword Art Novels 7+. Manga 4+. SOA Girls Op 3+. sword art online Progressive 6+. SOA Fairy Dance 2+? Fairy Dance Novel 4+. Seven Deadly Sins 8+. Senran Kagura 3+ .Triage 11+. Yotsuba 14+.
Ryan B Berserk 38+.
Dori S Black Bird 19+. Nura: Rise of the Yokai 26+. Demon Love Song 6+
Dean F Scientific Railgun 11+. Railgun novel 2+. Certain magical index novel 12+. Certain Scientific Accelerator Vol. 5+. A certain magical index manga 11+. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2+.
Christian T Hunter X Hunter 10+ (In Stock: 11 & 20-29)
Chris D Library wars 14+. Paid for 13 waiting on pick up.
Shay R Tail of the Moon 16+. Tail of the Moon 8+. Vampire Knight 15+
Evan H Yotsuba 14+. Spice and Wolf 12+
Katherine R Assassination Classroom 13+

Last AAA Order 7/25/2017

Want to order something? Contact us today or let us know in the store!