Special Orders

We do special orders! Looking for something in particular? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get it in!

Current Orders:

Name Date Requested Item(s) Notes
Randy Beard 3/4/16 Used D&D products: Second edition books, player guides, metal minis Contact when things come in and he’ll let us know what he wants.
Jon LaChance 9/9/16 Early Dungeons and Dragons materials. Basic, expert, champion and masters D&D.
Shawn Wilson 10/16/16 Call of the Wild (Mansions of Madness Expansion) Out of print, will keep an eye out for it! backordered last checked 6/7 Appears to be discontinued.
Dwayne 11/7/16 Magic Booster Boxes & Prerelease Box (1 per set released)
Scott Townsend 12/21/16 D&D Cleric Cards  preordered
Jane April 1/4/17 The Lord of the Rings LCG: Assault on Osgiliath Adventure Pack  ordered1/12 , backordered 6/7
Jess 2/22/17 Iggy Plush
Ethan Hepner 3/22/17 Death note plushes: Light and Ryuk
Dean Frank & Bill Drown 5/3/17 ‘Certain Scientific Accelerator’ Manga 3, 4, ‘Dragonar Academy’ Vol. 9,
Said Mohammed 5/8/17 One Piece New World Luffy Group 2 Wall Art
Jake C 5/21/17 Gundam Action Base (2 any color)
Daniel Johnson 5/31/17 Starfinder Paizo Book  Preordered
Dean Frank 6/9/17 Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2+
Ryan Cunningham 6/14/17 Hour of Devestation Box

We also do manga subscriptions. We will order the latest volumes of series and hold them for you when they come in.We also do manga subscriptions. We will order the latest volumes of series and hold them for you when they come in.

Current Subscriptions:

Name Manga Title(s)
Bill Drown Attack on Titan 22+. Attack on Titan No regrets 3+. Junior 4+ AoT Before the Fall 11+ No Regrets 3+. AoT Lost Girls 3+. AoT Harsh Mistress 3+. Angel Parabellum 3+. Battle Angel Alita Omni 6+. Bamboo Blade 15+. Broken Blade 4+. Bunny Drop 11+. Blood Plus 6+. Cage of Eden  21+. Dead Man Wonderland 13+. Dance in the Vampire  15+. Dance in the Vampire BUND ii vol 5+. Memories 4+. Dragonar Academy 9+. FMA 28+. Ghost in the Shell: SAC 6+. High School of Dead 8+. High school dxd 9+. Hayate Combat 28+. Is this a zombie? 8+. Kamisama Kiss 22+. Mayo Chiki 8+. Monster Musume  12+. Mardock Scramble 8+. Naruto 73+. Otomen 19+. Omamori Himari 12+. Ooku 12+. Pumpkin Sissors 6+. Princess Knight 3. Qwaser of Stigmata 2+. Rosario+ Season 2 14+. Sacred Blacksmith 10+. Sailor Moon 11+. Side Stories 2+. Strawberry 100% 14+ Manga 13+. Sword Art Novels 7+. Manga 4+. SOA Girls Op 3+. sword art online Progressive 6+. SOA Fairy Dance 2+? Fairy Dance Novel 4+. Seven Deadly Sins 8+. Senran Kagura 3+ .Triage 11+. Yotsuba 14+.
Ryan Bridges Berserk 38+.
Dori Schulberger Black Bird 19+. Nura: Rise of the Yokai 26+. Demon Love Song 6+
Dean Frank Scientific Railgun 11+. Railgun novel 2+. Certain magical index novel 11+. Certain Scientific Accelerator Vol. 3+. A certain magical index manga 10+. Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid 2+.
Christian Terison Hunter X Hunter 10+ (In Stock: 11 & 20-29)
Chris Dorman Library wars 14+. Paid for 13 waiting on pick up.
Shay Reed Tail of the Moon 16+. Tail of the Moon 8+. Vampire Knight 15+
Evan Hevey Yotsuba 14+. Spice and Wolf 12+
Katherine Radke Assassination Classroom 13+

Last AAA Order 4/22/2017

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