Loyalty Program

Weekend Anime & Games is proud to offer our community a customer loyalty program starting on our tenth year anniversary- July 2013!

By joining the loyalty program you will receive cash back, monthly newsletters, and offers only loyalty members have access to!

Similar to a credit card cash back program- we will award customers points for every purchase and trade in of $10 or more! Using this new program customers can earn cash back as our way of saying “thank you for being a part of our community”!

This is a free program to join with no expiration on the points or cash back. The only restrictions include:

  • Employees may not participate in the program.
  • Use of store credit does not earn cash back.
  • The rewards will be given as either store credit or gift certificates, not as actual cash.

Keep an eye out for additional sales and point rewards throughout the year as we celebrate you- our community!